Northrop N-3PB, c/n 302Northrop N 3PB 01

The Incident:

Floatplanes 302 and 320 left for areal sweep. A dense fog moved in from the ocean. Both floatplanes were ordered back to base when the fog was almost down to sea level.

Floatplane 302 crashed into a hill on the Vattarnes peninsula. The plane was heavily damaged and written off.

The Crew:

All killed in the crash.
Skjalg Tormod Liljedal †
Eilif Christion von Krogh †
Kristian Charles Sivertsen †

The Aircraft:

Northrop Aircraft Inc. Northrop N-3PB
Code: GS N
Construction no. 302
Operator: The RAFN 330 Squadron.
The Squadron operated Northrop N-3PB in Iceland from May 19, 1941, to January 24, 1943.
The squadron lost 12 airmen and 11 aircraft during the stay in Iceland.

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