Northrop N-3PB, c/n 321Northrop N 3PB 01

The Accident:

Floatplane came in for landing after 6 hour Sweep. The floatplane crashed due to glossy water condition. The plane was salvaged and was found damaged beyond repair.

The Crew:

The crew survived.
Ltd. Toralf Camillo Halvorsen
Einar Torleif Gjertsen
Olaf Arsæther

The Aircraft:

Northrop Aircraft Inc. Northrop N-3PB
Code: GS E
Construction no. 321
Operator: The RAFN 330 Squadron.
The Squadron operated Northrop N-3PB in Iceland from May 19, 1941, to January 24, 1943.
The squadron lost 12 airmen and 11 aircraft during the stay in Iceland.

Details on aircraft: Wikipedia, Youtube