Lockheed Ventura, AE 740Ventura PV 1 litil

The incident:

Ventura AE 740 was on ferry flight from Gander to Reykjavík. About 30 min. from Reykjavík the right engine stopped. Just before touch down at Reykjavik flight control gave AE 740 a red light and "go around". The pilot gave full throttle and made a left turn but lost control and hit 2 houses and crashed into the third one, number 5 at Þjórsárgata setting it on fire. A huge fire broke out in the plane and the house. Two crew members escaped from the fire but Léonide-Bart Long the radio operator was stuck in the flames and all attempts to save him proved impossible. He was shot to death by military police.

The Crew:

Paul Zimmer pilot, 
M. Schellenberg navigator
Léonide-Bart Long radio operator, age 23 died.

The Aircraft:

Lockheed Ventura
AE 740
RAF Ferry Command

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

Morgunblaðið 12. maí 1942 og 4. október 1981
Nýtt Dagblað 12. maí 1942
ökull Gíslason