Lockheed Hudson Mk III.Hudson aflugi Island

The Incident:

„The Spirit” was forced to land at Suðurfjörutangi in Hornafjörður in extremely bad weather. Due to severe damages the aircraft was disassembled and transported by ship to England.

The Aircraft:

MFG: Lockheed
Type: Hudson Mk III
S/N: T9465
Code: UA N
Operator: RAF 269 Squadron

The Aircraft History

22/12/40 Estimated crowd of 20.000 people was present at the UNION AIR TERMINAL, Burbank California to witness the presentation of the Hudson 
Aircraft „Spirit” of Lockheed-Vega Employees to the people of Great Britain.
This gift was made possible by the spontaneous and voluntary demotion of two hours or more time on part of each of some 18.000 of the Lockheed and Vega employees.

3/5/41 The Aircraft „Spirit” was delivered to RAF 269 Squadron at Wick Scotland and flown to Kaldaðarnes‚ Iceland.

Details on aircraft: Wikipedia, Youtube

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