Catalina Mk. IIIA, s/n FP535Catalina PBY view from above

The Accident: 

Aircraft FP 535 was missing on a search mission, failed to return. (FTR) The Catalina FP 535 had taken off from Reykjavík at 05:30 to look for surviors from the cargo ship William Clark wich had been sunk by Uboat U-354 the day before. Details on William Clark.

In 1983 an Icelandic trawler located the wreck of s/n FP 535 in position 64,47N-26,19W. In August 1990 Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina MSN 2009 was taken over by Forsvarsmuseet (Norwegian Defence Museum) as a part of a deal with the Canadian Company TACAIR. Aircraft MSN 2009 was restored as Catalina IIIA s/n FP 535 (GS X) of 330 Squadron Iceland. Aircraft was flown from Gardermoen to Bodö 29.7.1994 for exhibition at Luftforsvarsmuseet.

The Crew: 

All reported missing.
Ltn. Björn Stray Thingulstad †
Kvm. Steen Wal. Dannevig Hauge †
Kvm. Kåre Myran †
Kvm. Sven Russel Pedersen †
Kvm. Finn Schouw Aanonsen †
Kvm. Torgeir Hansen †
Kvm. Kristen Bergene †
Fls. Alf Oskar Johansen †
Fls. Bernhard Barth Mortensen †

The Aircraft: 

Consolidated Catalina Mk. IIIA
MSN: 05010
RAF S/N: FP 535
Reg.: GS X
Operator: No.330 (Norwegian) Squadron RAF
The Squadron operated Catalina in Iceland from June 1942 to December 1942.

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

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