PBY-5 Catalina, Buno.: 2338.Catalina PBY landing on water

The Incident:

Aircraft was on „British Mission“ (1) Aircraft landed downwind, heavy loaded with 1300 gallons of gasoline, two 500 lb bombs and eleven people on board. The turbulent air and rough water caused aircraft to bounce and on second landing the force with which the aircraft dropped, punctured the hull and twisted the keel and hull between bulkheads #4 and #6. Prompt action of the crew in closing all water tight doors made it possible to keep the aircraft afloat until it was pulled out on the marine railway. Due to heavy damages aircraft was wfu (withdrawn from use) and later stricken 9. February 1942.

(1)Explanation of term is not known.
Source: US Navy Mishap Summary page.

The Crew:

Crew and passengers survived.
Pilot Ens Gerald H. Duffy AV-N USNR (US Naval Reserve)
2nd pilot Ens T.F. Wilson USNR (US Naval Reserve)
+ 5 crew members (names are not known)
NAP Hutchens (Naval Academy Preparation)
COL Murray USMC (US-Marine-Corps)
MAJ Ferguson USMC (US-Marine-Corps)
LT Bone (paymaster) RNVR British Navy

The Aircraft:

Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina
Buno: 2338
Operator: US NAVY Patrol Squadron VP-73
The Squadron operated PBY-5 Catalina in Iceland from 9 August 1941 to 14 November 1942.

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