PBY-5A Catalina, 73-P-1 and 73-P-8.pby catalina

The Incident:

Several flying boats were parked at moorings in Skerjafjörður when the area was hit by SV storm.

Catalina 73-P-1 moorings broke and the flying boat drifted towards shore. Instead of beaching she hit another moored flying boat (73-P-8). The drifting 73-P-1 flying boat sank ca 30 meters from the shore. The damages to the wing of the second flying boat (73-P-8) were repaired. The drifting flying boat (73-P-1) was written off.

The Crew:

None, aircraft was parked.

The Aircraft:

Consolidated PBY-5A, Catalina
Code: 73-P-1
Operator: US Navy VP-73 Squadron.
The Squadron operated in Iceland from Aug. 9, 1941, to Oct 1942.

Details on aircraft: Wikipedia,  Youtube

Source: USN Mishap Summary Page