Lockheed Hudson Mk III, V9416 UA GLocheed Hudson in flight

The Accident:

After the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the army in Iceland was put on alert.

In very bad weather, eight Hudson aircraft of No 269 Squadron were engaged on Anti-U-boat missions and searching for a missing aircraft.

Hudson T9416 G captained by New Zealander Flg Off E. R. Stewart attempted to rejoin Kaldaðarnes circuit at 1639 hrs in dark, with low cloud base and at 1645hrs crashed into mountains West of Hjalli-farm.

The Crew:

The crew of 4 were killed in the crash.
E.R. Stewart, Flight Officer †
E.E. Budgell, Flight Sergeant †
V.S. Lewis, Sergeant †
W. Dodds Sergeant Wireless †
The crew is buried in the Fossvogur Cemetery, Reykjavík.

The Aircraft:

Manufacturer: Lockheed Aircraft
Type: Lockheed Hudson Mk. III
Serial No: V9416
Code: UA G
Operator: RAF No. 269 Squadron
     The Squadron operated Lockheed Hudson aircraft in Iceland:
     12.4.1941 - 31.5.1941 Detachment in Kaldadarnes
     12.12.1941 – 7.7.1942 Detachment in Reykjavík
     May 1941 – March 1943 Kaldadarnes
     March 1943 – Jan 1944 Reykjavík

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

The crash site was visited by stridsminjar.is, 18.6.2011 ÓM
Parts at the site are engine parts, exhaust stack, and landing gear parts.

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Fossvogur Cemetery grave record