Martin Mariner PBM 3D800px Martin XPBM 1 Mariner in flight c1939

The Accident:

Type: PBM plane #1248, at an altitude of about 800-ft, crashed and burned on a barren, rocky, and uninhabited mountain side during a period of reduced visibility. The plane crashed as a result of insufficient and unreliable aids to aerial navigation, under instrument conditions. The pilot maintained his course in the assumption that it was a safe course based upon the radio-direction-finder bearing he obtained on Reykjanes Point which bearing were inaccurate. There was no damage to private property. The classified publications and materials carried on the plane and not recovered were burned and destroyed beyond recognition as a result of the crash. 

The Crew:

All crew members killed.
Ens. G.N. Thornquist capt. †
Ens. C. Bialek, pilot †
2/Lt. William P. Robinson, pass (US Army 10th Infantry) †
Aviation Machinist´s Mate 1st Class, Vern H. Anderson †
Aviation Machinist´s Mate 1st Class, Walter V. Garrison †
Radioman 1st Class, Oran G. Knehr †
Seaman 2nd Class, M. Ground †
Seaman 2nd Class, E.L. Cooper †
Aviation Machinist´s Mate 1st Class (Naval Pilot), Coy M. Weems †
Radioman 2nd Class, Joseph S. Wanek †
Aviation Machinist´s Mate 3rd Class, Andrew R. Brazille †
Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class, W. Gordon Payne †

The Aircraft:

Glenn L. Martin Company, PBM-3D Mariner
Registration ID: 74-P-8
Bu.No: 1248,
US Navy, Squadron VP-74
The Squadron operated PBM-3D Mariners in Iceland from 9 August 1941 to 19 January 1942.

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

The crash site was visited by April 22, 2010, Agust 24, 2014, June 17. 2016