Hawker Hurricane Mk II, Z4607hawker hurricane

The Incident:

A German Luftwaffe bomber was reported heading towards Vestmanneyjar. At 09:19 two Hurricane fighters Z4617 and Z4607 were sent from Reykjavík Airfield to intercept the German plane. The fighters flew "Patrol Line Blue" below the clouds. The pilot of Z4607 climbed into the clouds and nothing was heard of him until 09:45 when an explosion was heard from the mountain Esja. A search party found the crashed aircraft deep in Þverárdalur. It had crashed into the steep slope of the mountain at approx. 600 to 800 meters above sea level.  Z4617 landed safely at Reykjavík at 10:09

The crash site was visited by stridsminjar.is on June 23, 2011. About 400 m above sl. there where small pieces and shreds of various types of material partly buried under gravel slide.

The Crew:

Sgt. H. A. Verrels was killed in the crash.

The Aircraft:

Hawker Hurricane Mk II
S/N: Z4607
Squadron/Unit: RAF 1423 FF

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