Armstrong Whitworth Whitely Mk VIIArmstrong Whitworth Whitley in flight c1940

The Incident:

October 3, 1941, the detachment returned to base at Wick, Scotland. After 5o minutes flight, one of the Whitley had a problem with the left engine. The Pilot Capt. Slaten dropped depth charges and returned to Kaldaðarnes. When close to the airfield the plane was losing altitude and decided to land on the closest airfield. The piolt shut down his engine and glided towards the runway. The speed was too high and with tail wind, the aircraft glided towards the far end of the runway and the river Ölfusá. To avoid the river the pilot managed to turn the aircraft off the runway, this caused extensive damage to the aircraft and it was written off.

The Crew:

Flying Officer Slaten and his crew survived

The Aircraft:

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk VII
Registration ID:
Serial no:
RAF Costal Command 612 Squadron
September 13, 1941, a detachment from Wick RAF Costal Commend 612 squadron arrived in Reykjavík. The detachment contained 6 Whitley bombers, their purpose was to fly anti-submarine patrols over the mid-Atlantic.


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