Curtiss P-40C Warhawk, 41-13422P 40 Curtiss Warhawk in flight side

The Incident:

Lt George Everett Meeks (27) USAAF was killed when he flew into a radio mast while landing at Reykjavík Airfield. The aircraft crashed into the sea. (Nauthólsvik) He was the first of over 200 American soldiers to be killed in Iceland during the war and the new US airfield under construction at Keflavík was officially named “Meeks Field” by General Bonesteel in 1943. Later it reverted to the name “Keflavík”

The Crew:

Lt Meeks, George E.George E Meeks
Killed in the crash.

The Aircraft:

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
S/N: 41-13422
Aircraft reg.:
USAF Squadron/Unit: 33. Squadron

Details on aircraft: Wikipedia,Youtube