Lockheed Hudson Mk III, T9452, UO DHudson RAF

The Accident:

Sgt. Britten and his crew were escorting a convoy in bad weather. The convoy leader reported the Hudson in sight and that was the last information on T9452.
5 Hudson aircraft were sent from Kaldaðarnes to search for T9452 without result.
Aircraft T9452 and the crew were reported missing.

The Crew:

Sgt. Britten †
Sgt. Campell †
Sgt. Edge †
Sgt. King †

The Aircraft:

Lockheed Hudson Mk III
S/N: T 9452
Squadron/Unit: RAF 269

The Squadron operated Lockheed Hudson aircraft in Iceland from March 1. 1941 to December 19. 1943.

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