Short Sunderland Mk1, KG F, T9072Short Sunderland

The Incident:

The aircraft was coming back from a patrol and taxiing to the moorings, struck an uncharted reef, with unfortunate results to the keel area. The skipper beached the aircraft at full throttle before it could sink in the icy fjord, so a great deal of valuable and scarce equipment was recovered. “F” was repaired in Reykjavík by a repair crew from Short Brothers Ltd. Belfast N. Ireland. (The aircraft was nicknamed Ferdinand)

The Crew:

The crew survived.

The Aircraft:

Short Sunderland Mk I
Registration ID: KG F
Serial no: T9072
Operator: Royal Air Force, RAF
Squadron: 204 Squadron.
The squadron operated 10 Sunderland flying boats from Reykjavík. April 5. 1941 to July 13. 1941.

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