Heinkel He 111, H-5, F8+GMBundesarchiv Bild 101I 343 0694 21 Heinkel He 111

The Incident:

Heinkel F8+GM was on a reconnaissance flight to Iceland. When approaching the East coast the weather was calm but a dense fog almost down to sea level. Witnesses heard an aircraft circling in the mouth of Reyðarfjörður. Visible fire was also reported. The aircraft was heard heading west over Reyðarfjörður and few minute later a big explosion was heard. The aircraft crashed into the cliffs above Valahjalli in the mountain Snæfugl. 11 days later á farmer found the wreck and on June 5. an expedition group was sent to the area. The crew of four all killed.

The Crew:

Hans Joachim Dürfeld OBLT, age 31 †
Franz Beruer OGEFR, age 24 †
Josef Lutz UFFZ, age 26 †
Friedrich Harnisch FW, age 26 †

The Aircraft:

Heinkel He 111 H-5
Registration ID: F8+GM
Serial no: 3900 (1291 R)
Luftwaffe II/KG.40

Details on aircraft:  WikipediaYoutube

The crash site was visited by stridsminjar on July 9. 2012 ÓM.