Armstrong Withworth A.W 38, Whitley Mk VII S/N Z6735Armstrong Whitworth Whitley in flight c1940

The incident:

Whitley Z6735 WL F was coming back to Reykjavík from an U boat search mission. On the final approach one engine failed, and landing in heavy cross wind the aircraft stalled and hit the ground short of the runway. The aircraft cought fire and was completely destroyed.

The Crew:

F/Sgt Davis and his crew escaped with minor injuries.

The Aircraft:

Mfg: Armstrong Withworth Aircraft
Type: Whitley Mark VII
S/N: Z6735
Code: WL F
Operator: RAF 612 Squadron
The squadron was operating in Iceland from 15 Dec. 1941 to 18 August 1942 and
Detachment from 12 September 1941 to 3 October 1941

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

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