Lockheed Hudson Mk I, s/n T9462Locheed Hudson in flight

The Incident:

The aircraft was landing at Kaldaðarnes coming from convoy escort mission. The wind was heavy cross wind gusting over 20 knots. One landing gear hit the ground at landing and the aircraft sustained heavy damage.

The Crew:

The crew survived.

The Aircraft:

Lockheed Hudson Mk I
UK Serial No: T9462
Code: UA K
Operator: RAF No. 269 Squadron.

   The Squadron operated Lockheed Hudson aircraft in Iceland:
   12.4.1941 - 31.5.1941 Detachment in Kaldadarnes
   12.12.1942 – 7.7.1942 Detachment in Reykjavík
   May 1941 – March 1943 Kaldadarnes
   March 1943 – Jan 1944 Reykjavík

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