Northrop N-3PB, c/n 320N 3PB in Canada

The Accident: 

On April 21, 1943, floatplane 320 GS U, took off from Búðareyri to Reykjavík. The pilot was Lt. Wisewolod Walentinowl Bulukinand the wireless operator was Leif Dag Rustad. On route to Reykjavík, the crew encountered heavy snow-showers. They were forced to land on the glacier river Þjórsá. Fortunately, both crew members swam ashore to safety and were able to get back to their squadron within a few days. Meanwhile, back in the river,the 320 sank down into mud and water.

Thirty-six years later, N-3PB 320 was successfully salvaged from the Thjórsá river in Iceland. In November 1979, the wreck was flown to Northrop Aircraft Division plant at Hawthorne , California to be fully restored. A year later, on November 10th, 1980 the only remaining example of the Northrop N-3PB was proudly rolled out at the plant, following a complete restoration.

The float plane is displayed at Gardermoen Air Museum, Norway.

The Crew:

Lt. Wisewolod Walentinowl Bulukin
Leif Dag Rustad

The Aircraft: 

Northrop Aircraft Inc. Northrop N-3PB
Code: GS U
Construction no. 320
Operator: The RAFN 330 Squadron.
The Squadron operated Northrop N-3PB in Iceland from May 19, 1941, to January 24, 1943.
The squadron lost 12 airmen and 11 aircraft during the stay in Iceland.

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