UC-64A Mk. IV Norseman, s/n 43-5134Norseman2m

The Accident:

Aircraft was heading for Keflavík on a military transport flight. The weather conditions were poor, snow storm and high wind. At 15:00 hour the aircraft hit the ground and skid ca.110 meters heading 150° over the snow covered rough lava field before it stopped and exploded. Guards at nearby ground observer post (Camp Cameron on Núpafjall) reported the crash.

The crash site was visited by “stridsminjar.is” Sept. 2, 2010, / Sept. 8, 2012.

The Crew:

Lt. John J. Custy, pilot
Robert R. Richt
Antony P. Colombo
Leonard T. Damerval
Floyd C. Van Orden

The Aircraft: 

Noordyn Norseman UC-64 Mk IV
S/N: 43-5134
Operator: USAAF
Squadron: 33rd FS.

Details on aircraft: Wikipediawww.norsemanhistory.ca