Lockheed Lightning P-38, s/n 42-12586Lockheed P 38 Lightning USAF

The Accident:

2nd Lt. Alfred A, Arnold was coming back from a search mission south of Iceland. The reason for the search flight is not known. (No report found of missing aircraft in late October 1943)
Aircraft 42-12586 crashed in the North East slope of the small mountain Kerlingarhnúkur and ended up in a shallow canyon. Stridsminjar visited the crash site in May 2010 and July 25, 2012.

The Crew:

2nd Lt. Alfred A, Arnold was killed in the crash.

The Aircraft:

Type: Lockheed Lightning P-38-5-LO
S/N: 42-12386
Operator: USAAF 50 Fighter Squadron, 342 Composite Group
The 50th FS operated P-38F in Iceland from Aug. 18. 1942 to Feb 4. 1944.

Details on aircraft: WikipediaYoutube

Issued 26.8.2015
Source: USAAF Loss List
H. Steinsson