Short Sunderland Mk1, KG ?, N9024Short Sunderland 2 ExCC

The Incident:

Detachment from RAF 204 Squadron was being ferried from Sullom Voe Shetland Islands, Scotland to Skerjaförður Reykjavík.
Aircraft N9024 made forced landing at Hornafjarðarfljót in bad weather.
Aircraft stranded on a sand reef. Minor damage to hull section. Aircraft was flown to Reykjavík for a permanent repair.
N9024 arrived in Reykjavík 9. Nov 1940 and was stationed in Reykjavík as detachment from Sullom Voe. N9024 returned to Sullom Voe on 17. Nov 1940.
N9024 came to Reykjavík again 23. April 1941, when the 204 Squadron moved to Reykjavík.
The 204 Squadron left Iceland 13 July 1941.

The Crew:

The crew survived
Pilot: Wing Commander, Pickles


The Aircraft:

Short Sunderland Mk I

Registration ID: KG ?
Serial no: N9024
RAF No. 204 Squadron

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